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Welcome to this magical strass experience technique!!! A hypnotic therapeutic art that helps you release stress, relax and boost focus while having fun!!! Open up your design to get started!!! 

Prepare your pasting pen. Open up only the one side of the plastic membrane of the red wax and press the pen deep into it until you reach the other side of the plastic membrane. Repeat for both sides of the pen. You can transfer 1 to 9 pcs. TIP. In case you might run out of wax you can use a kind of blue tacκ instead (not included).

Identify the first symbol on you design to be worked and locate the code and number on the chart which is printed on the side of your design. Identify the bag with the the colour and number of your diamonds and open it up in the tray. Slightly shake the tray for the diamonds to get the right flat back position facing the tray. TIP. Keep the bag with the number that you are working. When you finished from that area and you have excess diamonds, put them in the empty bag that is included in the kit making sure you marked the number and close them up for later. You might need again this code or you have overseen some places that you need to work with it later.

Peel back the protective film from the area to be worked. TIP. Do not remove the protective film from the whole design. Gradually peel back the film as you progress. The design is covered with special adhesive and you are advised to cover the area with the protective film when you are not working on your project to protect it from drying off or gathering dirt.

Transfer the diamonds with your diamond pen to the responding code area. In case some have been slightly moved, you might slightly push with your pen to put them back to the right place. In case of a mistake or misplace you can carefully use the tweezers to remove and replace again.

When you are not working on your project, cover the area with the protective film. TIP At the area you have worked you can slightly press on top of the covered film with a book  or a cylinder object to make sure that your diamonds have properly stick to the their place.

Congratulations!! You have now finished your design and you have certainly enjoyed it!! You can now frame it or store it back to your tube rolling it slightly with the design and diamonds facing out.

        • Magical strass experience technique
        • Hypnotic therapeutic art
        • Relax and boost focus while having fun!
        • Easy Art
        • Gift Choice
        • Open up your design to get started!